Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter - A Day Later

We had an amazing Easter from start to finish!

What's not to love about Easter knowing that He is indeed risen, right?!

I had fun taking the above picture of a lonely tulip coming out up of the earth, and adding the words, "He Is Risen!" 

Church gave us a choice of the early service or the later service. Because our day for packed with family, we went early. The service focused on the empty cross, the forgiven sins. Here's a little something I jotted in my notebook during the service, it comes from Revelation 22:1-5 which was the day's Scripture:

It Is Finished!
He Is Risen!

My Sins Are All Forgiven ...
Now ...
Tomorrow ...
Every day for the Rest of my Life!

So that is so huge when you pause to think that there is nothing I can do that will make God angry at me, or make Him judge me, or make Him condemn me. Because of Jesus' death on the cross bearing my sins. I will always and forever be forgiven.

Happy thought, yes?


We left our church and rushed to our daughter's church to worship with her. It was as good as our church service was! It was our first visit to this church, and when I told the pastor where we attend, turns out he knows our pastor and loves him as much as we do. Small world!

Then we headed out for Linda's (hubby's sister) for the most gigantic meal of the century: ham, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, fruit, veggies ... and a hummingbird cake made by her daughter, Lisa.

Can I just say I couldn't get enough of the potatoes? Like, I was scraping the bottom of the bowl as we cleaned up the kitchen afterward.

Driving home, my husband looked over at a lake, and here's the conversation that followed:


Hubby: "The ducks on the lake are flapping their wings, trying so hard to lift off - but someone must have fed them too many bread crumbs because they can't fly."

Me: "I feel their pain, except mine was mashed potatoes!"

We had a good laugh over that!

Back at home we watched a movie, which title I've already forgotten, so you know I was too full and worn out from the day to focus on the movie.

A great Easter. Hope you had a good weekend too!


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  1. Mary I'm so glad you had a nice Easter. Sounds like you need to share that recipe for those potatoes...hint.hint.