Sunday, May 24, 2015

Changing Vignettes Around the House

Isn't it fun how just one new item can lead you to change vignettes. For instance, this new easel clipboard ~

I first saw it at Priscilla's and thought of the many possibilities. When I learned it came from Michaels, I rushed there just before they closed Saturday night. I popped in a greeting card from a friend. And when I stepped back to view the mantel, I was amazed at how akin the card and the picture matched. Fun!

So I brought over my large wooden "C" and added my mini rag balls (made by Holly at Cutie Pie Cottage). Cute!

Then I noticed the den table which hadn't had a change in months - a real no-no for those of us who like to change vignettes regularly. So away with the early spring faux flowers and in with the summery pitcher with sugar and creamer. Yummy!

On to the empty bathroom wall. We moved into this house six years ago, and I had never done anything to the narrow wall above the commode. Recently I swung into action and: 1) filled an old frame with a sheet of scrapbook paper; 2) added a shelf from Lowe's; 3) brought in a red polka dot vase from the den along with a few of my childhood blocks; 4) added a little faux flower pot from Christmas Tree Shoppe. Bathroom wall now decorated. Finally!

I just have to tell you what my family did on this Memorial Day Weekend - but first let me tell you that for the past two years I've suffered with severe right back and hip pain. My GP kept giving me pain pills. I kept asking him for an x-ray. Back and forth we went while I took the pills in order to function. Finally I went to an orthopedic doc, who manipulated my right leg  and I yelped. But the pain went away! That's why it was such a thrill to hike part-way to the top of Crabtree Falls here in Virginia on Saturday. Wow!

Haven't been doing much sewing but hope to get back to it soon. Trying to finish up my son's 9th grade homeschool year and get the grades into our local county. Then we'll be free to enjoy our summer.

Keep Decorating ~


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  1. You look so happy in that photo! I just love what you've done and your quilt blocks.

    1. It was a gorgeous, perfect day, and I was so happy to be pain free!

  2. Hi Mary! I found you from Helen and I'm so happy to meet you and your beautiful blog! Cute things around your House and the quilt looks fantastic! Greetings from Finnish woman living in Crete. x Teje

    1. Don't you just love Helen?! Thanks for coming by for a visit! Greetings to you in Crete!

  3. Your vignettes are gorgeous, Mary! I love the colours and the pretty combinations. So pleased you had a lovely walk and at last are pain free...that is really good news.
    Wishing you many more wonderful walks now you are better.
    Happy week.
    Helen xox