Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ikea Comes Through for Me Again

I took a little trip to northern Virginia last weekend. My friends had never visited Ikea, a problem I resolved to correct. While they were in search of bed linens, I looked for anything decorative. Oh we had so much fun!

I found this two-tier tray which I think is nearly the cutest thing ever - I can envision decorating it for every season, especially Christmas. But for now, it's sharing in a late spring vignette. 

The dainty print tray - isn't it the sweetest - happened to have a set of matching napkins. One is in the same print as the tray, the other a lovely soft pink and white check.

The teapot goes perfectly with the tray and napkins - it was a thrifted find several years ago.

Later in the week I made my annual trek to Lowe's for summer flowers. It's rained for the past three days so they'll still in the original pots in our wheel barrow. As soon as the sun shines, they'll be planted in my recently thrifted flower pots and set out front for all to enjoy.

I'm looking forward to enjoying them and my sweet pink vignette all summer.

Keep shopping ~ 


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  1. The two-tiered tray is precious! There's no IKEA for at least 300 miles. You'd have to go to TX.

  2. Hi Mary! Oh, I love your darling vignette and what pretty things you found at Ikea. Love how your little tea pot matching the tray and napkins perfectly. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. The closest IKEA is over an hour away and I am glad. Talk is that one will be opening just 12 miles away. While I love that idea, I also dread it because I love to shop IKEA.

    Great finds!

  4. Love the new two tier tray! So pretty and so many decorative possibilities! It is time I had a visit to Ikea......there is one only an hour from us, though my hb is never that keen to go for some reason!! Your new flowers are very pretty, Mary...and I do hope your new geranium has dried out a bit now too :)
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox