Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving Into the Holidays

Fall being my favorite time of year ... and maybe because it's soon followed by Christmas.

I love Christmas - everything about it from the lights to the decorations to the gifts. Shopping is so much more fun during the season as shoppers go their way eagerly searching for the perfect present for their loved ones. Such a feeling of giving permeates the air. Why can't we do that all that time!

The weather here in Virginia is perfect - warm days in the 70s, cool nights in the 40-50s. Great sleeping weather, and great to be outside weather too. I heard from my Pennsylvania cousins that it's quite a bit chillier there in the Pocono Mountains, but that's to be expected. They've already had a bit of an ice storm.

My mantel only required tiny tweaks to change from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I'm big on traditions, and these two have been part of the family for decades - the Pilgrim s&p formerly belonging to my dear mother, the turkey painted by me in a class long ago.

We've talked a lot this fall about the possibility of spending Christmas in Florida. That would be a very dramatic change for us from "the tradition" of spending the day with extended family. But we'll probably put that trip on hold as we have plans this summer of celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Colorado (my dream) and the Grand Canyon (his dream). Saving our nickels and dimes for that.

I haven't told you how I recently began drinking coffee at the age of 63. It started when my daughter introduced me to Wawa's free coffee (twice a year, who knew?!) and flavors to be added. I fell in love with French Vanilla and realized I could create the same coffee at home. And now I'm addicted with one cup of caffeine first thing each morning, following throughout the day by another two cups of decaf. I feel very adult (at last, haha).

We're still on the look-out for a puppy/dog to adopt. I search the shelters and wait for someone who will be right for us: quiet, calm, low-shedding. Hope I haven't set my sights too high but these are our requirements. Things have a way of coming together when the time is right.

Have a lovely week enjoying the fall days.



  1. Such a lovely post Mary, and a wonderful evocation of the changing seasons. I am sure there will be a dog especially for you out there somewhere, and I hope he finds you soon x
    Happy November.
    Helen xox

  2. That is so funny about you and coffee. I don't drink coffee - and I turned 63 in May.