Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It All Started at Five Guys

Five Guys Burgers and Fries that is. Sunday our daughter was home for a visit so we spent the day running around. First stop was for lunch. The weather was perfect so we ate outside.

After eating, we headed out of town to a pool that doesn't require membership, is never crowded, and if the loud train tooting as it passes nearby doesn't bother you, it's a great place! Hubby and daughter swam while I sat in the shade and read.

Next stop, Sweet Frog, a local frozen yogurt shop that's so cute. With loads of choices for toppings, everyone is sure to be happy. Sweet Frog has about 14 locations in the central Virginia area. We're lucky there are many near our house.

Think they'll run out of sprinkles anytime soon :)

Last stop, Patient First, one of those "open late 365 days a year, no appointment needed" doctor offices. Daughter developed an ear ache after swimming ... the doc found she already had a bad infection in her right ear, so we got antibiotics for that and headed home.


Meanwhile I visited a blog that gave photography prompts, so I was trying to tick several off the list as we went about our day.

Entrance - this is the back door to Sweet Frog - love the colorful look of their stores.

Window - this is also at Sweet Frog. My daughter took this picture for me as she was sitting in a better spot to get this.

Hope you enjoyed going along on our little Sunday adventure.

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 ~ Mary

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  1. We love Five Guys, too. It's hard not to fill up on the peanuts first. Great shots. Hope E is better now. Ear infections can be so painful.

  2. Great post Mary! I enjoyed reading about what you did, and your photos are wonderful. Hope your daughter is better now.
    Helen xox

  3. Mary, with the exception of the ER visit this looked like a lovely day. We have a Sweet Frog not far from us. I will have to visit. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Mary, sounds like fun-especially five guys. I loved reading the previous post about how you lost weight. I'm in the same boat and really need to buckle down! Good for you, losing the pounds!

  5. Can you believe I have never tried 5 guys? I've heard it's yummy though. Sounds like a fun day! Hope your daughter is feeling better. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Five Guys Best Fries! Very interesting issue about taking different pics of parts of buildings, etc.

  7. Love Five Guys Burgers, they're the best! And lucky you, to have a Sweet Frog so close by. Our closest one is 35 miles! On second thought, maybe it's a good thing I don't have one within a few miles, lol... too much temptation! Hope your daughter is feeling better! And thanks for visiting me, and the sweet comments left behind! :) ~Rhonda