Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting Through the Cold Days of January

I pretend I'm hibernating during the long, dark days of January by staying inside as much as possible.

But I don't really hibernate, as in sleeping through the winter. In fact I stay busy doing a few of my favorite indoor things ~

. Sewing - finishing up some quilts started in 2014 that never quite got completed. My block-of-the-month project ended in September so I've been working on October-December blocks. Almost there!

. Reading - after reading 120 books in 2014, I've started my 2015 list of authors to pursue. Donna VanLiere you may be familiar with - she wrote The Christmas Shoes which was made into a movie. She's a fabulous writer, and I'm working my way through her numerous books (borrowed from the library).

. Music - I was asked at a recent Christmas party to play carols on the hostess's piano. I did, but I hadn't touched my piano in two years, so you can imagine the mistakes I made?! I've decided to play for the sheer enjoyment of it this year. And if by chance I'm asked to play at a Christmas party in December, I'll be ready :)

That's how I'm getting through the cold days of January - how do you spend these long dark days before spring?


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